Hydroponics method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil. Close up planting hand Hydroponics plant

Would you rather grow 5-10 tons of tomatoes per acre or 60 to 300 tons per acre?

Of course, more is better! But, do you know how to achieve an amazing increased crop yield?

The answer: hydroponics farm.

Hydroponic farming is a method of growing plant in which only water, a growing medium, and nutrients are used. Hydroponics first came into agricultural discussions within the last century when William Fedrick Gericke conducted a wildly successful experiment at the University of California, Berkeley. From this experiment, Gericke coined the term “hydroponics.”

Fast forward, the hydroponics market value is now expected to grow to $27.33 billion dollars by 2020 from $19.95 billion dollars in 2015. Wisconsin natives can also expect for this trend to affect their local groceries stores and farmers markets as well.

The hydroponics farm trend is on the rise and we’re here to tell you why!

Read on to learn more about the benefits of a hydroponics farm!

Benefits of a Hydroponics Farm

1. Water Conservation

One would think that a growing system based on water would require more water, but the opposite is true! This is because instead of the water being absorbed by the growing medium it’s recirculated. The water is used over and over again and only needs additional nutrients as needed to grow properly.

2. Total Control

Growing crops indoors gives the grower almost total control of the environment. This is something Mother Nature definitely does not offer.

Here in Wisconsin, we know what the winters are like! It’s difficult to imagine gardening in the dead of winter, but with an indoor hydroponics system, it’s more than possible!

Hydroponic farming takes place indoors and inside a controlled environment, which allows for year-round gardening. This extended growing season allows for more yield per year and more profit.

4. Higher Plant Density

Hydroponics plant density is 4 to 16 times than what soil allows. Plants that are rooted in soil need more room to grow than plants growing from water and nutrients.

Plants growing in a hydroponics environment can also be planted in layers or vertically and with much less walking space between plants.

5. Faster Growth Rate

Plants grown in a hydroponics setting grow 30 to 50% faster than its soil-planted counterparts. This is because the plant is provided with exactly the amount of sunlight and nutrients it needs to thrive. There’s no need to predict the weather or plant in a sunny location that receives 8 hours of sunlight during the day.

A hydroponics system has that covered!

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